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Diastocera wallichi var. insularis Fisher, 1935: 609
(Cerambycidae: Lamiinae: Ceroplesini)

Current Combination:
Diastocera wallichi tricincta (Duncan, 1835)

Type Locality:
Malaysia: Borneo, Sabah, Mt. Kinabalu, 3000 ft., Kiau

Pendlebury, H.M.

Date Collected:
April 5-1929

Fisher, W.S. 1935. Cerambycidae from Mount Kinabalu. Journal of the Federated Malay States Museum, 17(30): 581-631.

The name following the binomen was not expressly given infrasubspecific rank and the work did not indicate unambiguously that the name was infrasubspecific, therefore, it is deemed a subspecies and available.

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   Diastocera wallichi var. insularis

Diastocera wallichi v insularis L 2side back.JPG
Diastocera wallichi v insularis L 2side front.JPG
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