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Chion cinctus var. sonorensis Schaeffer, 1908: 332
(Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae: Bothriospilini)

Current Combination:
Knulliana cincta sonorensis (Schaeffer, 1908)

Type Locality:
USA: Arizona, Huachuca Mts.


Date Collected:

Schaeffer, C.F.A. 1908. List of the longicorn Coleoptera collected on the Museum expeditions to Brownsville, Texas and the Huachuca Mts., Arizona, with descriptions of new genera and species and notes on known species. Science Bulletin of the Museum of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, 1(12): 325-352.

The name following the binomen was not expressly given infrasubspecific rank and the work did not indicate unambiguously that the name was infrasubspecific, therefore, it is deemed a subspecies and available. This specimen is herein designated as the lectotype in order to stabilize the taxonomy and facilitate further identifications of this species.

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   Chion cinctus var. sonorensis

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